Our téléspazio roadshow experience

Sylvain Bataillard (COO) speaking at the Téléspazio Roadshow roundtable on the 15th of february 2023.

HyPrSpace had the opportunity to be part of an engaging panel discussion at the recent Téléspazio Roadshow. The buzz was all about harnessing the power of collaboration to drive transformative growth in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

The event exuded an electric atmosphere, fostering a vibrant community of like-minded individuals fueled by a shared passion for cutting-edge innovation. Attendees came together, eager to explore how collaborative initiatives can propel startups to new heights, embracing the spirit of disruption and evolution.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Téléspazio France for extending us the invitation to this remarkable gathering.The roadshow served as a powerful testament to the pivotal role collaboration plays in shaping the success of startups. In an era of constant change, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, forging strategic alliances, and embracing emerging trends. Together, we will continue to pioneer new frontiers and shape the future landscape of our industry.