Our vision

Joining HyPrSpace is joining a mindset. We stay simple, applying it to propulsion to lift humanity, widening possibilities in space and on Earth.

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What we value

Our Humans.

At HyPrSpace, we engage ourselves and succeed all together. We’re a team super united, and it is of primary importance that everyone feels good and included.

Fast track from idea to test.

We try our best to implement processes and build infrastructures that allows us to try new ideas on a real bench, and keep good track of what have been done.

Be bald.

Oops, we meant : be bold.
Challenge everything.
At HyPrSpace, mistakes are part of the game.
Yes, bad puns included.

Stay simple, and share your knowledge.

We aim to develop a propulsion system that is as efficient as it is simple. In order to do so, we need to keep in mind that simple is not easy: it is the most advanced form of development, and it cannot be reached without sharing knowledges among us. 

Work hard, play hard.

We make serious things look fun. Do you think that Shakira works well for testing the vibrations resistance of our electronic cards?

PS: obviously we have a more serious process for the testing of our electronic.

What to expect when joining hyprspace?

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