Baguette One exposed in front of the palais de l'élysée

Bruno Bonnell, general secretary for investment and her assistant Géraldine Leveau posing with Orbital Baguette One during the event. Picture from the Linkedin of the secretary general for investment – link here.

HyPrSpace was selected to showcase a model of Obrital Baguette One at the exhibition “Made In France” at the Palais de l’Élysée. The event selected 25 lauréats from the France 2030 program and we were part of the selection. It was a great honor for us to represent the french innovation in the space domain!

On the 1rst of July 2023, 25 of the France 2030 lauréats were selected to expose their innovation at the Palais de l’Elysée. A low-carbon aircraft, a quantum computer, a space microlauncher, a deep-sea robot, an articulated arm… For two days, companies, craftsmen, producers and industrialists fully committed to French manufacturing were in the spotlight. We were really proud to have our launcher exposed alongside of all those great innovations!

As a scaling startup, benefiting from a strong recognition from the government is really important, so we would like to say a big thanks to the secretary general for investment for bringing us to light in such a way. By doing so, you’re helping our hybrid microlauncher in its mission to space!