Joker mk3: First fire test - 21/06/23

As we enter the testing phase of the latest version of our demonstrator Joker, we thought it might be nice for you guys to witness every fire test. From now on, every test will be posted in the newsroom as an article. We will try to do a test every week, or at least a few times a month, as its the best way for our teams to train and implement agile processes for the scaled engine.

About this test :

First, some of you might have noticed that we changed the aerospike nozzle for a bell shaped nozzle. The reason behind that is that the cooling system needs a way bigger engine to work properly. So we’re putting aside the aerospike for now, but don’t worry it’s not our final decision!

For the first test, our main goals were to validate the whole process and the design, without breaking anything. The test was up to 10% of its power, and the whole sequence went smoothly!