orbital baguette one

fly with the next generation hybrid microlauncher, safer, greener, cheaper


Our fleet is composed of 2 orbital micro-launchers and 1 suborbital micro-launcher, called respectively OB1-MK1, OB1-MK2 and Baguette One. Our launchers are using hybrid propulsion, an innovative space transportation solution that is cheaper and more environmentally friendly!


HyPrSpace is developing an hybrid propelled micro-launcher with a unique engine architecture. This groundbreaking, patented innovation allows us to break through a 50 years old technological barrier and lower the environmental and financial cost of production.

3 months

between signature and liftoff

250 kg

of payload into orbit


half of the current launch prices


we use recycled plastic as fuel


non explosive materials

About hyprspace

In just a few words, we’re a united team of 30+ (and still growing) passionate space bakers building a flying french baguette. Our ambition is to make a significant step towards a fully green and cheaper space exploration, in a way that is not destructive to our home planet and more accessible.

Here, we believe that humanity will find answers to its actual problems by using the huge amount of ressources available in space, but we first need to access them!

If you wish to learn more about the story behind HyPrSpace and why we do what we do, go check out the About Us section!