HyPrspace at versailles for choose france

Alexandre Mangeot (CEO), Sylvain Bataillard (COO) et Philippe Clermont (VP Finance) at the HyPrSpace booth in Versailles, in company of Bruno Bonnell, general secretary for investment in charge of France 2030 program.

HyPrSpace participated as exhibitors at the “Choose France” event held in Versailles. Organized by the French government and led by President Emmanuel Macron, this event aimed to position France as a global hub for innovation, investment, and business growth. It was a great opportunity to showcase our latests advancements in front of 200+ international CEOs.

HyPrSpace made a notable presence at the highly anticipated “Choose France” event in Versailles. Among a diverse range of companies, we showcased our expertise and engaged with loads of visitors. Our innovative hybrid rocket, Orbital Baguette One, currently in the testing phase, garnered significant attention and admiration. The sleek and simple design of Joker, our engine demonstrator, left an indelible mark on attendees, sparking curiosity and discussions about our pioneering approach.

Participating in “Choose France” solidified HyPrSpace’s position as a dynamic and forward-thinking player in the global space sector. We are grateful for the positive response and interest generated during the event. As we continue to refine Orbital Baguette One and advance our mission, we are excited about the promising possibilities that lie ahead. With each milestone achieved, we move closer to revolutionizing space exploration and making a lasting impact on the industry. The support and enthusiasm from the event have further fueled our determination to push the boundaries of technology and inspire future generations. Together, we will continue our journey to shape the future of space exploration.