The payload bay offers a large volume available for microgravity and/or space environment experiments. Depending on the type of payload the fairing can be jettisoned to offer a dramatic scenery of the Earth below. The bay is detached from the thruster during reentry. It gently splashes-down into the ocean thanks to parachutes and recovered later-on.


This engine provides a nominal thrust of 30 kN and peaks to 40 kN at lift-off thanks to the ability of HRE to modulate its thrust. Combustion from HTPB/LOx propellants do not produce toxic fumes. The fumes are harmless for the inhabitants and wildlife surrounding the launching area. This first stage engine is equipped with an aerospike nozzle to benefit from highest propulsive efficiency during ascent and atmosphere pressure variation.


Single stage

This single-stage-to-Karman-line is able to send the payload above the Earth atmosphere for a free-fall flight of about 5 to 10 minutes. During this lapse of time, the payload is in microgravity and can be exposed to Space environment.