about us

who are we?

If you have made it this far, it’s likely because you are highly interested in what we do at HyPrSpace and eager to learn more. So let us take you on a small tour, from where it started to where it’s going.

HyPrSpace started in 2019, with three engineers making toasts in a backyard. And by toasting, we mean of course rocket engine firing test, as our engineers are all space bakers.

Back to our three original bakers. Basically, one of them – Alexandre Mangeot, our CEO – has had that crazy idea that accessing space was the key to a better future. He thought that our modern problems could only be solved by investing time, brain cells – and a shit ton of money – to finding a way to reach the stars more efficiently to get the resources we need.

When you have ideas like that, it’s better to have a PhD in space propulsion. Fortunately, Alex has one. His thesis subject was in fact the hybrid engine explained with more details in “Our Technology” section. Practical, you might think. And you’re goddam right.

So here we go, he gathers his ideas, his two acolytes Sylvain Bataillard – our COO, and Vincent Rocher – our embedded systems lead engineer, and starts Hybrid Propulsion for Space. The beginning of a great adventure!

Four years, a COVID crisis, a relocation and a rebranding later, we’re still here stronger than ever with 30+ talented space bakers, working side by side to create the first ever flying French Baguette.

Next big objective to come is a huge toast with Terminator, our 5 meters long scaled demonstrator that should happen just before Christmas on the DGA EM site of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles (the French government secured toasting site).

After reading all this, you might want to become a space baker yourself, and it would really be OK. To do so, you can go directly to the Career section and apply to whatever suits your qualifications!

How we define ourselves


We develop a hybrid propelled microlauncher that combines all the pros of actual toasting technologies, without the cons. It will reduce the price, and the carbon footpring of every toast, all thanks to our new patented toaster architecture.


Our technology has the potential of making space accessible at a minor cost for the planet. At HyPrSpace we aim to live in a future where our space exploration ambitions contributes to the well being of our home without damaging it.


Hard not to be cringe here. When you’re a company that likes to troll as much as possible. But we’re also so much more: passionate space bakers, innovating, science fiction fans. We fail hard, learn hard and enjoy every second of this adventure.


And more to come…